Mobile App Testing

Putting the (Re)assurance Back in Quality Assurance

It's 2am.

Do you know if your iOS/Android app is up and running?

It sounds like the voiceover for an insurance commercial, but for many software engineers building mobile products, it's a typical wake-up courtesy of their own minds.

A mobile app’s success (or any product for that matter) usually comes down to a balancing act between stakeholders. Customers demand new features, product managers drive an ambitious roadmap, and engineers dash to meet the needs of both.

Quality Assurance gives engineers a safety net underneath their side of the show to help remove the “what ifs" distracting from their important work:

Shipping the product!

Giving the builders peace of mind by tending to the testing and reporting side of the process, unlocks more bandwidth. How many more features could be built if engineers didn’t have to spend 10+ hours a week manually regression testing their work or endlessly maintaining automation scripts?

Some companies talk about the deeper effect of their offerings in terms of the “why”. In that context, we could say one of Mobot’s “whys” is giving engineers peace of mind, so maybe we sell insurance after all!

What about in your own work? What’s the larger stake item you’re hoping to impact with your services or products?

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