The future of automated testing

Team Mobot delivers accurate results to you right away. Welcome to the future of QA testing.

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Team Mobot is an on demand testing platform - powered by computer vision and robots - for mobile apps on actual devices.

Physically QA your product the way it will be used on real iOS/Android devices

Test every feature
that matters - end to end

Results available
the same day

No setup/maintenance

How it works

Team Mobot’s robotics as a service platform is simple:


Import/create your test plan.


Grant us access to your staging build.


Mobot fleet remotely executes tests.


Receive a detailed report in <24 hours.

“Can’t say enough about how much better I feel with each release now that Mobot is part of the pipeline. Our stability rating for iOS is now at 99.8%!!!”

- Hino Banzon, iOS/Android Engineer at Sandboxx


Team Mobot's solution brings automated testing to use cases and industries including...


After every build update, ship to the App Store with confidence that every combination of user profile, payment method and input type in your mobile app can check out and make an in-app purchase.

Internet of Things

Confirm that your app can connect to a Bluetooth/Wifi-enabled hardware accessory after a firmware update.

Medical devices

Continuously verify and validate every software change to your medical device with little effort, thoroughly documenting each process for your firm’s quality management system.

Our customers use Team Mobot for testing...

Validating form inputs

How the app affects device battery life

Composing a message

Changing user settings

Sending SMS - deep links open to the correct part of the app

How quickly a screen loads

Using content with the phone’s camera within the app

In-app purchases (credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay)

Switching between WiFi and LTE

App interrupted by a phone call

Audio output

How the app performs with poor WiFi

Backgrounding the app

User authentication/
account creation

Bluetooth/WiFi-enabled hardware accessories